LineageOS unofficial fork
Under Construction Under Construcion gapps implementation

Twrp recovery 3.0.3 by jemmini

  • It has twrp recovery version 3.0.3 by jemmini. You can downloda it from here.

  • It has patch sim stok.

  • For this models that don't detect imei and maybe wifi.

  • OTA updates - Under Construction

    We ship OTA updates " Under Construction from upstream LineageOS every two days. In this way you always receive new features and security updates just few hours after they are released mainline."

    Other things: baseband,dualboot patcher and etc.

  • Here you will find baseband from year 2017, dualbootpatcher and other things.

    • Under Construction OTA updates every two days
    • Compatible with Google Play Services
    • Fully open-source and free-software
    • Source code available on GitHub

    Installation instructions

    First you need to download this CH_EUR_BA610TV1.0.exe CH_EUR_BA610TV1.0.exe Has everything you need for your computer to communicate with your zte blade a610. It has .img files, flashtool, driver and etc. device on the " LineageOS wiki.

    After you install drivers, after you install flashtool, open flashtool and if you want recover twrp you have it on the start of the page. Start flashtool, put scatter file and in recovery put the twrp recover image that you download it " if you download it " if you didn't download twrp then go to start of this page and you will see twrp link. When you put twrp recovery.img, then press download and now connect your zte blade a610, if you do all correctly it will detect your smartphone and you will if i remember correctly first you will see red life than mean it write data and when all finish it will give you V circle and green line. When you have twrp you can install all what you want. When you have installed twrp and if you want lineage 14.1, :

    Then downlod it from here

            Under Construction keytool -list -printcert -jarfile

    the printed fingerprints should match with these ones

    Under Construction " Certificate fingerprints:
    MD5:    54:73:70:C6:4B:FE:31:88:ED:18:F5:DF:1E:08:EB:19
    SHA1:   C1:BE:BA:F7:9A:57:74:B7:5B:82:D5:0A:36:60:24:99:00:98:5D:C7
    SHA256: 8E:09:CB:8F:9F:28:DA:DB:A9:32:84:AD:7C:AC:F3:E7 \

    Migration from LineageOS

    This is unofficial ROM becouse Lineage don't want all humankind to have lineage. I write e-mails to lineage to make zte blade a610 official and they don't want to make it.

    Clean install (wipe data and installed apps)

    If you don't care about losing your current data just reboot into recovery, wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik (perform a "Factory reset") and, without rebooting, install LineageOS for microG.

    Dirty install (keep data and installed apps)

    If you instead don't want to lose your current data, you can use our migration ZIP, that replaces the LineageOS' keys with ours. However, if you have installed unofficial builds of:

    • F-Droid or F-Droid Privileged Extension
    • microG's apps (GmsCore, GsfProxy, FakeStore and mapsv1 API)
    • MozillaNlpBackend
    • NominatimNlpBackend

    you have to uninstall them before the ROM migration. You also have to uninstall the GApps if you have previously installed them.

    Finally download the migration ZIP and a build of LineageOS for microG (make sure the ZIP you're installing is newer than the current installed ROM, if it is not, wait for the next build), reboot in recovery, install the migration ZIP and, without rebooting, install LineageOS for microG.


    Under Construction

    First, open the "microG Settings" app and check if everything is OK in the "Self-Check" section; you will probably have to give microG some permissions, like location and file access. The UnifiedNlp section will have some issues: that's normal, we haven't configured it yet.


    UnifiedNlp is the microG Network Location Provider, which provides the current location of the device without the use of the GPS. While Google's NLP can only use Google's servers for positioning, UnifiedNlp obtains the geolocation through different plugins, which interface to different services.

    By default there are two plugins installed:

    If you want to use these plugins, go to microG Settings -> UnifiedNlp Settings, configure and enable both.

    If you instead want different plugins (like the LocalGsmNlpBackend, which uses a local offline database of the GSM towers to obtain the location) you can download them in F-Droid and enable them in the same way.

    Reboot and check whether UnifiedNlp is correctly set up in the "Self-Check" section of the "microG Settings" app.

    Under Construction <


    You should add microG's repository to F-Droid, so that you can easily update microG's packages. On your device, follow this link and open microG's F-Droid link in F-Droid (or scan the QR code) to add the repository.

    Moreover, you have the F-Droid Privileged Extension installed by default, why not use it? To make a good use of it go to the F-Droid Settings and enable auto updates.

    Google Cloud Messaging

    Many apps rely on the Google Cloud Messaging, a Google proprietary system to push notifications to your device. This feature is implemented in microG but, as not every user requires it, is disabled by default. If you need it, enable the "Google Device registration" and the "Google Cloud Messaging" features in the "microG Settings" app.

    Weather service

    If you want the weather features of LineageOS (like in the lock screen or in the cLock widget) you have to download a weather provider from here. Choose your favorite one, install it and configure it in cLock (or in Settings → Apps → Gear icon → Weather).

    If you don't want to enable "Unknown sources" you can also import the PlayMaker demo repository in F-Droid (by adding this URL to F-Droid) and download it from there.

    SU (root)

    Our ROM doesn't include root by default for security reasons, but you can easily install it: go here, download the appropriate ZIP and install it from the recovery.

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  • FAQ

    Twrp recovery version 3.0.3 by jemmini. why jemmini didn't make updates to new version. Thanks jemmini.

    Why all of this? Isn't OpenGApps free software?
    Yes and no, the name "OpenGApps" is misleading. While OpenGApps uses free software to retrieve and bundle the GApps, the apps themselves are not free software, they are in fact the same Google Apps you find on a new phone.

    Why should I use microG instead of the standard Google Play Services?
    First of all, freedom. I can't explain here why free software is so important (this is a FAQ, not a 200 pages manual), but if you're interested you can start by reading this.
    Second, the Play Services are very expensive in terms of resources, they drain lots of battery and they use lots of space, while microG requires much less resources. To give you an idea, the smallest possible package of OpenGApps ("Pico Package") on ARM 7.1 is ~125 MB, while the full microG suite (GmsCore, GsfProxy, FakeStore, MozillaNlpBackend and NominatimNlpBackend) is ~4 MB.

    Isn't Android free software? Can't I just install LineageOS without both GApps and microG?
    Android is based on the AOSP project, which is free software. However many common features are handled by the proprietary GApps, generally by the Google Play Services. You can use LineageOS without GApps/microG, but you will probably miss something. In particular, you won't have the:

    With microG these services (and many others) are reimplemented.

    It has patch sim stok.
    It has patch sim stock, for this peoples with Russian versions or european version that it don't detect they sim, dual sim, wifi and etc. All thanks for me and all

    Which is the current status of zte blade a610? Why lineage don't make official zte blade a610 version 15?
    See here.

    It has dualboot patcher.
    I send device info to the developer of dualboot patcher and she denied to make it official. So here you have in section other things dual boot patcher unofficially. refused (multiple times) to include the patch, try forcing us to make it unofficially project.

    Wait, on their FAQ page Under Construction I see that they don't want to include the patch for security reasons. Is this ROM unsafe?
    No. LineageOS' developers hide behind the "security reasons" shield, but in reality they don't care enough about the freedom of their users to risk to upset Google by giving them an alternative to the Play Services.
    The signature spoofing could be an unsafe feature only if the user blindly gives any permission to any app, as this permission can't be obtained automatically by the apps.
    Moreover, to further strengthen the security of our ROM, we modified the signature spoofing permission so that only system privileged apps can obtain it, and no security threat is posed to our users.

    Under Construction Do you use test keys?
    Heck, no! We sign all our builds with our own private keys.

    Under Construction Do you offer OTA updates?
    Yes, once every two days.

    Under Construction Do you offer delta updates?
    Not currently, but it can be done if there's real demand.

    Can I install apps from the Play Store on this ROM?
    F-Droid is not included in our ROM, so you can freely download all the FOSS apps on their repositories.
    However, if you need apps which are available only on the Play Store, you're free to host your personal instance of PlayMaker (see this demo) or GPlayWeb and connect it to your F-Droid client, Playmaker will let you download apps from the Play Store and install them via F-Droid. Another solution is to use a local app, like Yalp Store.

    Do I have to enable "Unknown sources" to install apps in F-Droid?
    Our ROM don't includes "F-Droid Privileged Extension", which allows F-Droid to install and update apps without the need of user interaction or the unsafe "Unknown sources" option. So you need to enable unknown sources.

    Under Construction Can you add support for my device? It is officially supported by LineageOS
    Yes, no problem. Ask for it in our thread specifying the codename of your device.

    Can you add support for my device? It is not supported by LineageOS though...
    No, I'm sorry.

    I don't trust your build, I want to build it myself!
    No problem! Our builds are done manually. And if you want you can build it alone this Docker image, feel free to build it yourself.

    Under Construction I am running a custom build of LineageOS, but yours is way cooler! How can I migrate to it without losing my data?
    Replace the LineageOS official keys in our migration ZIP with your keys (or follow the suggestions in the LineageOS migration guide).