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What you are gonna buy BREAD for eat or buy game to play

" this is ubisoft sell assasin creed odysey for 114,99 $ -> on day 18, tuesday, year 2018 ubisoft lower the price 109,09 $ So you choose you are gonna buy bread " to eat " or you are gonna buy digital SHIT and will not eat. how much bread you can buy for 109,09 $ if bread cost 2 $... 10 bread 20 $ for day.


Don't update ejabberd 18.03.1

If you see new update for ejabberd 18.03.1 don't update, becouse in ejabberd 18.03.1 your plain password will be converted in scram and there is no official manual how to convert them from scram to plain password. There is unofficial manual how to make it again plain password but it will delete all your databases:

Reseting the ejabberd database

Note that this only works when using mnesia backend for ejabberd (the default)

/etc/init.d/archipel stop
ejabberdctl stop
rm -rf /var/lib/ejabberd/*
rm -rf /opt/ejabberd-X.X.X/var/lib/ejabberd/*
rm -rf /opt/ejabberd-X.X.X/database/ejabberd@localhost/*
ejabberdctl start
ejabberdctl register admin FQDN password
ejabberdctl register userA FQDN password
ejabberdctl register userN FQDN password
/etc/init.d/archipel start


I find solution that return ejabberd to work.
1. update to latest ejabberd on day 10, month Abril, year 2018 there is update for ejabberd this is version: 18.03-2
When you install latest 18.03-2 open your admin web address and go to every user, after that change all password that was cramed to normal. In version 18.03-2 they hear me and change from cramed to normal password.


danger: vodafone spain two things:

After this phone number: 0034935006658
router vodafone sercom h 500 s
We don't have telephone number and vodafone catalunya block port 5060 and port 5061. Humankind remember that in 21 century all telephone line works from VOIP, old 20 century phone lines work from phones lines from central and 21 centruy phone lines are digital and they come from they router, in they router there is client that you put your details in your router and you will have phone lines. Now vodafone catalunya block port 5061 and port 5060. Port 5060 and port 5061 are for phone VOIP ports, when port 5060 and 5061 are blocked from central you will not have phone line.THIS IS CRIME becouse you pay money and you can't use it. Include in router vodafone h 500 s vodafone catalunya 100 % can spy and can enter in YOUR LAN. In router vodafone catalunya h 500 s there is PORT MIRRORING and there are commands that when you write it they can ILLEGALY 100 % SPY ON YOU

friendica can't attach picture. pictures are attached here:


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